'Don't waste those Yolks'

Remember those egg yolks from the meringue recipe, here's what to do with them. 

Make a tasty coleslaw with anything you have in your salad draw.

To make the mayo you will need, yes that's right, two egg yolks...

150ml veg oil (Olive oil or rapeseed oil is great but regular veg oil will also be fine)

1tsp dijon mustard

pinch of salt

First things first, pop the egg yolks into a food processor if you don't have one you can use an electric whisk and a bowl or a manual whisk but be prepared to do some forearm exercise. 

Put the egg yolks and the dijon mustard into the small bowl of your processor and switch on. Now start of VERY slowly dripping in the oil, you want to add it very slowly at this stage and when its started emulsifying you can add it a little more quickly. You will see it whipping up the sides up the food processor when it starts forming, if you split the mixture DO NOT THOW IT AWAY. There is a simple cheat to rescuing it. Remove the contents to a jug. Then start again with just one egg yolk, once you've stared the egg yolk off again in the processor you can re add the contents you've just removed but more slowly this time, eh voila, I told you I don't like to waste anything. Once you have your basic mayo you can add anything you want at this stage, I like to add fresh dill and a clove or two of garlic if Im making a coleslaw or a potato salad. The choice is yours.

To make the coleslaw I finely slice a red onion, a few spring onions, a quarter of a red cabbage and one carrot peeled with a potato peeler into ribbons. Add this to a bowl and splash over some red wine vinegar, salt and pepper, a teaspoon of sugar and then your mayonnaise. It really is that simple, you can eat it straight away but I prefer to leave in the fridge overnight to allow the flavours to come together. Great for those summer BBQ's